Receive clarity & guidance from your Soul!
Forgive your past!
Have loving relationships that last!
Rise up out of the ego's shenanigans!
Stay in soul alignment!
Meet Your "Guides"!
(aka Experts, Leaders, Change-Makers, Visionaries & Luminaries!)
Arielle Ford & Brian Hilliard
Love & Relationship Experts
LEAP Session with Jack Canfield
Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Dr. John Gray
Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
Christy Whitman
Transformational Leader
LEAP Session with Dr. John Demartini
Human Behavioural Specialist & Author
Dr. Sue Morter
Bio-Energetic Medicine & Quantum Field Visionary
Dr. Cherie
Mother of Coaching
Marc Steinberg
Consciousness Coach
Misty Tripoli
Founder of The World Groove Movement
Thorald & Isaac Koren
Founders of The Songwriter's Journey
Natalie MacNeil
Founder of She Takes on The World
Jennifer Hough
Seer & Awakening Alchemist
Patryk & Kasia Wezowski
Directors of the LEAP Movie
De Grosbois
Relationship Marketing Expert & Visionary
Daniel Gutierrez
New Thought Leader & Author of Radical Mindfulness
Eva Charlotte
Inner Wisdom Teacher
Spryte Loriano
Founder of Awakening Giants
Carol Look
Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychotherapist & EFT Master
Jami & Marla Keller
Relationship Experts & Coaches
Merav Richter
Goddess Visionary & Author
Gary Stuart
Master Constellation Facilitator
Gwen Elliot
FUN-Advocate & Course Creator
King Gabriel Quincy Collymore
Spiritual Teacher
Andrea Menard
Spiritual Teacher, Musician & Actor
Brooke Jillian Yantzi
Founder of Dancing with Life
Clinton Callahan
Healer & Visionary
Kerri Hummingbird
Soul Guide & Host of Soul Nectar Show
Sari Nisker-Fox
Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach
Judith Onley
Spiritual Mentor & Channel
Ann Green
SHiNEologist & Founder of Bliss Yoga Studio
Jackie Kotei
Publicity & Media Strategist
Michael Eisen & Hillary Faye
Youth Wellness Network Founder & Awakened Love Yogi
Darren Austin Hall
Mystic, Druid & Healer
Julie Starr
Executive Coach & Author
Jay Bradley
Youthful Aging Expert & Author
Marsh Engle
Women's Success Coach & Founder of
1 Million Amazing Women
And...Your Host Tara Antler
Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Soul Coach
Series Kicks Off February 14 th, 2018!

Are you ready to expand, shift & RISE UP!? Are you ready to live from the GREATEST version of yourself.....Your Soul-Self!?

Hear & Receive from over 36 Expert Speakers, Authors & Transformational Leaders from around the world who are dedicated to helping YOU Soulfully Elevate Your Life & Create an Experience of Awesome!

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Some of the Key Areas of Life that You Will Get to Rise UP & Experience Transformation in.......

Love & Relationships
Spiritual Growth
Living Awesome
Parenting & Youth
Life & Soul Purpose
Health & Vitality
Leadership & Biz

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Hello beautiful! I'm Tara Antler and I am so grateful that you have arrived HERE! I want to take a moment and connect with you....the expanded you, the loving, soulful you!
Are you living in alignment with your greatest, most awesome soul self? Where life is unfolding miraculously? Waking up happy with clarity and direction? If yes.....AMAZING....keep on! If no, maybe or sometimes....then....Do you want to rise up out of struggle and into freedom, flow and happiness? Are you ready to take a leap into a greater version of YOU? Are you ready to focus on creation, solution, abundance and flow? Let's lean in together for a moment........what's stopping, blocking, holding you back? Is it lack of clarity or direction? Is it repetitious patterns with the same things happening to you? Have you been asking for answers and not getting or trusting them?

I hear you! I have asked myself these very questions many times. I wanted to be happy....I wanted to live a fulfilling life! I wanted clear direction. I wanted to know my divine purpose and path! I can recall MANY moments, crashed down on the floor, head in my hands, praying for answers, praying for relief from the physical and emotional pain I was suffering from and for someone to rush in and take it all away. If only I knew why this crazy crap was happening to me! If only I knew a way out!

I am happy to say that I've moved through all of that by delving deep into self awareness, energy healing, meditation and "doing the essential inner work". It was worth it! It allowed me to rise!
I am in alignment living from my Highest Soul Self!.....I am healthy and vibrant! I am a master-manifestor like no other! I have a beautiful and loving husband and daughter! I'm surrounded by high vibe friends! I take time to play, be in nature and enjoy life! And I'm in awe of life itself!

I want all of this and infinitely more for you! And I have a way to help make that possible! I've invited 38 speakers, authors and experts to share their insights, tools and teachings with you! For YOU! To raise the roof of consciousness! 40 High Vibe conversations, 40 gifts, and it kicks off on my 40th birthday!!!! Valentine's Day! We get to celebrate life, love and soulfulness together over 20 days!

Some of the amazing things you'll learn during our time to receive clarity and guidance from your to increase your manifestation to forgive your to have loving relationships that to rise up out of the ego's shenanigans.....and how to stay in soul alignment.....
So, now.....I pass things over to you! To participant in Rising Consciousness.....all you need to do is put your name and email address in the box on this page! And you're all set! Once you hit the summit button....Starting Feb will have FREE access to all 40 interviews and 40 gifts!

We are in a very powerful time in human history.....where consciousness is rising! 20 years ago people were just hearing about yoga and's everywhere. 15 years ago very few people knew what Reiki's accepted as a healing modality in hospitals. Oprah hosts Super Soul Sundays....People are practicing mindfulness in the workplace. Movements of "me to we" are sweeping the globe. And we are teaching children how to meditate at home and in schools! It is an incredible time of waking UP! We are rising! And I don't know about you.....I'm EXCITED to see where we're going to rise up to next and how I can soulfully show up!!!!

Before you go....I want you to take a moment, close your eyes and imagine your life as beautiful, flowing, easy! Imagine waking up happy, fulfilled by the life you're living. Surrounded by loving, soulful friends. Manifesting or creating your dreams with ease and accuracy! And feeling connected to your higher self! Feeling healthy, vital and alive! Now, take a deep breath in and know....that this is 100% possible! Your Higher Soul Self knows the path for it all to come to fruition! Take a deep breath in and open your eyes! Are you ready to be in alignment and allow it to flow through you???

Type your name and email address in the box and hit "I'm in!"

I am so grateful to share this time with you! And can't wait to connect deeper in the Rising Consciousness Series! See you soon!
2017 Tara Antler | Academy of Light